Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker Review 2019 – Brewing Better

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

The Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker is sleek at its best. It’s a part of Hamilton Beach’s “The Scoop” design. Being a single-serve paradise for anyone looking for a personal coffee brewer.

The Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker is a classic machine. It uses only ground coffee to brew stronger- and better-tasting coffee. And this is not just better than instant coffee. But it beats barista-like coffee as well. Enriching your coffee experience with simplicity and style.

Allowing you to control the brew, quantity, and cup size. It’s a revelation as for as brewing coffee at home is concerned.

The Features

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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What makes Hamilton 49981 a success? The machine is full of versatility and consistency. It’s inspired because it takes some of features of a full-fledged coffee machine. And brings it down to earth and accessible in a compact at-home brewer.

  • Serves 8-ounces in less than 90 seconds
  • Built-in adjustable stand for various cup sizes
  • Steel mesh scoop filter
  • Wide spill-resistant drip tray
  • Automatic (regular) and bold brew settings
  • Auto-shutoff included

Did you know the Hamilton Scoop Coffee Maker is as versatile in flavor? What I mean is that you can use coffee grinds from various brands such as Starbucks or Melitta. The Scoops Hamilton transform the way one brews coffee at home.

If you don’t believe me, read what follows next.

The thing to love about this best single-serve coffee maker is the flavor. It’s fast and it gives you the best flavor extraction and aroma. It is an upgradeable choice from K-cups or pre-packaged coffee.

The steel mesh scoop filter holds on to all types of grinds. You can grind the coffee on your own using a coffee grinder. And also select the coffee beans you’d like to use. It’s more economical and practical to do this yourself. Especially since you want rich, aromatic, and delicious coffee.

It’s easy to kick-start this coffee maker from scratch. The buttons are all upfront and easy to use. The water reservoir opens from the top with an adjustable flip tray. You can fit in a size as tall as a travel cup all thanks to its adjustable stand.

The Automatic drip setting gives you the best-tasting brew. While the Bold drip setting gives you the strongest. For lighter roasts, you can stick to automatic or regular drip. While for darker roasts, the bold brew setting.

The 8-ounce per cup option serves you hot coffee in under 90 seconds. Although you don’t need to fill the water tank each time. It has a large 14-ounce capacity suitable for brewing two cups at a time, at least.

All said and done, maintaining these impressive features is a breeze. The stainless steel filter is washable and dishwasher-safe. This beats the dragging use of a paper filter which is often never reusable and costs a lot of money.

The best way to maintain this single-serve coffee maker is to clean and unclog it. Once you get rid of all the lingering grounds inside the filter. And keep the reservoir clean by refilling it on a daily basis. This should prolong the functionality of the Hamilton Scoop Coffee Maker.

What’s to Like?

Brewing time: The Hamilton Beach 49981 Coffee Maker serves up coffee fairly quickly. And it’s plentiful and hot each time. A good trick to quicken brewing time is to add warm water instead of room temperature. If you add it before dispensing the coffee, it puts out hotter coffee in a short span of time.

Easy clean up: The Hamilton Beach The Scoop 49981 is not a bulky machine. This calls for easy and quick cleaning than ever before. The water tank is not huge. It has a suitable capacity for a single-serve. The fact that it doesn’t re-heat the water makes it simple too.

The small footprint and short height work for small countertops. You can lift it up with one hand to clean underneath it. And most of the parts are dishwasher-safe so no grounds, mold or stickiness gets left behind.

Strong body: The stainless steel body is sturdy and reliable. It doesn’t catch rust easily. Nor does it feel delicate while moving it around. While brewing, it makes a minimal sound. Though the drip tray is not removable. It is spill-resistant. So the coffee goes right into the cup and not anywhere else.

What’s Not to Like?

Spurting: Yes, this happens when you run a cleaning cycle. Sometimes, this also might be a case for when you set a drip cycle with coffee. The coffee drips slightly outside the cup. But this also depends on the cup size. If the cup’s mouth is not wide enough, most of the coffee goes into the drip tray.

No programmability: If you’re not a morning person, this might be bad for you. It comes with no timer. You have to be awake and ready to set the brewing cycle for each cup.

The Final Decision Is Up to You…

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker 49981 is a solid choice. It will last longer and make you happy. As a homebrewer, you want more versatility to experiment. This is not about style as much as it’s about function. And the Hamilton Beach Single Scoop Coffee Maker understands that.

The word around town is that it competes well with another version. And that is the Hamilton Beach 49981 vs 49981a. But as we all know, the 49981 focuses on performance and quality. While the 49981a is all about the features that really matter.

Here’s the bottom line: the Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker is reliable. Its features are accurate, user-friendly, and consistent. And its performance out of this world! What do you think makes a good coffee maker? It all boils down to your expectations and personal preferences.

So share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. Until then, happy coffee shopping!

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